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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are comprised of tooth-colored materials that are used to treat cavities. Not only do they maintain the health and function of your tooth after it has experienced decay, but they also create a completely discreet final result.

How dental fillings have evolved over the years

Not too long ago, cavities were routinely treated with silver fillings. Comprised of mercury, copper and silver tin-alloy, these fillings were able to fix the decay very effectively, but they also left a highly noticeable and unsightly gray color on the teeth.

Today, leading Carson dentists like Dr. Omid Barkhordar use tooth-colored composite fillings instead. They are comprised of colorants, acrylic plastic and quartz fillers and they bond perfectly to the teeth. Once the filling is in place, it’s practically invisible, so no one else can tell you’ve had a cavity filled.

What are the benefits of composite fillings?

Tooth-colored composite fillings come with a host of functional and aesthetic benefits, including:

Improved cosmetic outcomes

Composite fillings can be color matched to blend in with your teeth perfectly. In this way, they ensure a completely discreet and natural-looking outcome.

Better support

Composite fillings also offer optimal support, because they bond firmly to your natural teeth.

Versatile treatment options

Tooth-colored composite fillings can be used for more than just treating cavities. They can also correct flaws such as chipped, broken or worn down teeth.

Remove less of your natural tooth

For most patients, composite fillings allow Dr. Barkhordar to eliminate the decay while removing less of your natural tooth.

What to expect during the procedure

Your composite fillings will be placed during a quick and comfortable visit to our Carson office. To begin, Dr. Barkhordar will numb the tooth to prevent you from experiencing any pain, before removing the decay with a laser or traditional dental tool. He will then carefully clean the treatment area to eliminate any debris or bacteria that may remain. Once the decay has been removed, Dr. Barkhordar will place an adhesive and the composite material on the prepared tooth. He will then hold a bonding light over the area to harden the materials and complete the restoration process. At that point, your filling will be in place and your procedure will be complete. You can expect to experience some tooth sensitivity to extremely hot and cold temperatures moving forward, however it will disappear over time once your tooth gets used to the new filling.

After your procedure, Dr. Barkhordar will discuss the steps you’ll need to take to care for your oral health and prevent cavities from developing in the future. This will involve twice daily brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, routine flossing and returning to our Carson office twice a year for cleanings and dental checkups. If Dr. Barkhordar feels that you’re at a heightened risk for cavities due to your oral anatomy or lifestyle habits, he may also recommend placing special sealants over your teeth to prevent food and bacteria from accumulating and creating decay. As long as you follow Dr. Barkhordar’s aftercare instructions moving forward, you can expect to enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health with very few (if any) new cavities.

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“I was referred to Dr. Omid Barkhordar by my general dentist for a special procedure. I was very impressed by him. I had no pain or discomfort during and after procedure. His office staff is very professional and friendly, and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend Dr. Barkhordar’s office.”

- Patient Testimonial
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When you’re concerned with PEOPLE before profit it shows and this place does that. I think my next appointment is going to a reason to come back up to SB but if youre local- this is your place!

- S.D. Los Angeles, CA
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