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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Cosmetic Treatment for Kids

There are certain dental or orthodontic conditions that must be resolved with cosmetic dentistry. At Care Dental Center, Dr. Barkhordar offers cosmetic dental treatments for kids of all ages. We are proud of our ability to work with young people, and get them involved in the process. Many parents are surprised at how much their children enjoy their appointments with us! We are proud to offer a wide range of cosmetic treatment for children, as we know dental and oral health is important to the overall physical and emotional well-being of young people.

Teeth Whitening

Nothing looks more appealing than a bright, white smile. Many young people have discolored teeth, and we can implement one of several types of teeth whitening processes, including ZOOM whitening — an in-office procedure that can whiten teeth up to eight shades whiter in just an hour of treatment.


Kids are adventurous, and certain activities can leave a tooth broken, chipped or lost altogether. Whether it happened playing sports, in a fall, or by other means, it can be resolved with a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Your child may need a crown to restore the tooth, and it is reassuring to know that we use gentle dentistry, doing all we can to make the process completely pain-free for your child. We want the experience to be positive all around.


Various life situations can lead to the loss of a tooth, or several teeth. Young children may need to wait until their permanent teeth are in place, but in the interim, other procedures can be used so your child does not have to live with missing teeth.

Replacing Metal Fillings with Composite Fillings

Composite fillings match the color of your child’s teeth perfectly, and can restore teeth with less natural tooth structure removed. Dr. Barkhordar carefully diagnoses and treats each tooth, preserving as much natural structure as possible while creating a healthier mouth for a lifetime.


Bonding is an option that resolves many cosmetic problems for young patients, such as chipped, discolored or crooked teeth. The process can usually be completed in one office visit.


An older child may be a candidate for veneers. The veneers cover and resolve oddly shaped teeth, smaller teeth, or some other specific dental problems.

Missing Teeth

Some children are born with specific problems, such as a cleft palate. Since the palate has not developed as it should, there are often missing teeth. When your child reaches the correct age, those teeth can be replaced, giving your child a smile he or she will be proud to share.

We Practice Pain-Free Dentistry

We want your child to have a positive experience, and to learn the importance of dental care at an early age. We have made it our mission to help children who have dental problems, and to care for them like they are members of our own family. You can trust us to treat your child with the utmost care and respect, and to work with them in a gentle manner, so they are comfortable, and free from pain.

Call Us Today About Cosmetic Treatments for Kids

Do you have a concern about your child’s smile? We are here to help. Call Care Dental Center and make an appointment. Meet with us, and let us talk about the various options for your child. As one of the most respected cosmetic dentists practicing in the area, you can trust Dr. Barkhordar to have the most modern treatments available. Call today for an appointment

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“I was referred to Dr. Omid Barkhordar by my general dentist for a special procedure. I was very impressed by him. I had no pain or discomfort during and after procedure. His office staff is very professional and friendly, and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend Dr. Barkhordar’s office.”

- Patient Testimonial
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Cosmetic Dentistry

iconPatient Reviews

Dr. Omid was friendly and courteous. He explained what needed to be done and gave me options. I never felt pressured. I’m glad I found this office.

- V.P. Ventura, CA
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