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Dental Cleaning Carson, CA

Are your teeth starting to feel and appear dingy and dull? A professional dental cleaning can provide your confidence and smile with the boost they need!

Over time, unappealing and damaging plaque and tartar builds up on your teeth. The dental cleanings we offer at Care Dental Center will effectively brighten your teeth and leave your smile feeling refreshed and revitalized.

What Is a Professional Dental Cleaning?

A professional dental cleaning is the process where one of our dental hygienists skillfully and gently cleans out any plaque, tartar and bacteria that has grown on your teeth. Our dental cleanings provide vital health maintenance for your teeth, at a price you can afford. Our staff and highly experienced Dr. Omid Barkhordar have a strong background in treating patients with both standard and deep cleanings and will work with you to choose the correct dental cleaning level for you:


  • Standard Dental Cleanings: A standard dental cleaning involves the removal of built up plaque and a beautiful teeth polishing. These cleanings should be scheduled for once every six months.
  • Deep Dental Cleanings: A deep dental cleaning is diagnosed if we discover a very large volume of plaque and bacteria. This will involve one of our highly qualified dental hygienists working beneath the gum line to clean out any accumulated plaque.
    Dental Cleaning Carson CA

    Benefits of a Dental Cleaning

    • Dental cleaning appointment times are easy and convenient to make
    • Prevents the development of future oral health complications
    • Brightens and refreshes your teeth
    • Efficiently eliminates built up plaque and tartar from your teeth

    What Is Involved In Getting a Professional Dental Cleaning?


    You will first come to our welcoming practice for a free, first consultation, which will help us best determine your perfect dental cleaning treatment. The introductory consultation will include an expert exam from our esteemed Dr. Omid Barkhordar and the taking of necessary x-rays.

    If you are diagnosed with needing a standard dental cleaning, then one of our hygienists will remove any accumulated plaque and tartar, and your teeth will be polished with our innovative fluoride and abrasive cleaner to a stunning shine. Our hygienist will also floss your teeth to ensure no food particles remain.

    If a large amount of bacteria, tartar, and plaque have built up, then you may need a deep dental cleaning. That process will start with us carrying out your desired sedation method in order to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire treatment. The plaque and bacteria present will then be carefully removed from your teeth and below your gum line. A deep dental cleaning may take more than one office visit, depending on your unique needs and the volume of gathered plaque present.


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