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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Tooth Extraction

Your permanent teeth are designed to endure for a lifetime. However, that’s not always what happens. If a tooth experiences severe decay, trauma or another problem, it may be necessary to extract it to protect the rest of your teeth and preserve your oral health.

Reasons for a tooth extraction

There are a number of reasons you may require a tooth extraction. One very common reason is severe tooth decay that extends all the way to the pulp. If the infection is extensive enough, you may require an extraction to prevent it from spreading to your other teeth.

An extraction may also be necessary if you’re suffering from severe gum disease. If the infection has caused considerable damage to your tissue and led to loose teeth, they may need to be removed to restore your oral health.

And finally, if your jaw isn’t large enough to accommodate incoming teeth, they may need to be removed to prevent crowding issues that may damage your surrounding structures.

What to expect during your extraction

The idea of getting your tooth extracted can be scary, but you actually won’t feel any pain because the area will be completely numb. If you are having one tooth removed at our Carson office, the extraction can be performed using just local anesthesia. However, if you’re having multiple teeth extracted, Dr. Barkhordar will likely administer a stronger medication to make sure you’re safe.

The actual process of having your tooth extracted will be completely customized depending on your unique needs. If your tooth is impacted, Dr. Barkhordar will first need to remove the gum and bone tissue covering the tooth. He will then rock the structure back and forth to separate it from the jaw, before removing it completely. However, if your tooth is particularly difficult to extract, he will likely remove the tooth in tiny pieces, rather than all at once. In either case, he will end the procedure by closing the incisions with self-dissolving sutures and placing gauze in the empty socket to control bleeding.

Your recovery

When you’ve had a tooth extracted at our Carson office, you’ll need to follow specific aftercare guidelines to ensure a smooth recovery. The entire healing process will last around one to two weeks, and should be characterized by plenty of rest. It’s important to limit your activities to ensure your body can heal properly. During this time you will likely experience pain in the area, however Dr. Barkhordar will make sure you have access to medication to manage the discomfort.

Throughout the healing process, you’ll be advised to apply ice to control swelling and bite down on gauze to minimize bleeding. It’s also important to adopt a temporary soft-food diet, eating items like pudding, applesauce and mashed potatoes as you heal. You’ll also want to avoid using straws, spitting forcefully and rinsing your mouth vigorously so you don’t disrupt the blood clot that has formed inside the socket of the extracted tooth. You’ll still be able to brush and floss your teeth normally, just be sure to stay away from the extraction site to avoid irritating the area.

Although it’s completely normal to experience some pain, swelling and bleeding during the first 24 hours, severe bleeding is a red flag. If you experience heavy bleeding, nausea, discharge or signs of an infection, call Dr. Barkhordar right away so he can advise you on the appropriate next steps.

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“I was referred to Dr. Omid Barkhordar by my general dentist for a special procedure. I was very impressed by him. I had no pain or discomfort during and after procedure. His office staff is very professional and friendly, and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend Dr. Barkhordar’s office.”

- Patient Testimonial
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When you’re concerned with PEOPLE before profit it shows and this place does that. I think my next appointment is going to a reason to come back up to SB but if youre local- this is your place!

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