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Tooth Extraction Carson, CA

Is a damaged or infected tooth causing you extreme pain, and preventing you from enjoying your day to day life? A tooth extraction is an affordable and sometimes vital step towards restoring your health, comfort and confidence.

At Care Dental Center, we know that having a tooth removed can cause patients anxiety and stress. That is why we ensure that our practice is a relaxing place for all our patients. We also provide several sedation options that are all effective and safe. You can trust us to remove your problem tooth with care in as little as one office visit.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is when we carefully remove a decayed, damaged or infected tooth fully from its socket. Extraction is sometimes necessary in order to stop the spread of an infection and to relieve you of your pain. A tooth extraction may also need to be done in order to perform various cosmetic treatments, such as the placement of dentures or dental implants.

Benefits of a Tooth Extraction

  • Keeps a painful infection from spreading to adjacent teeth and gums
  • An affordable and easy way to address a damaged tooth
  • Restores your oral health and peace of mind
  • Eliminates crippling pain created by a problem tooth
  • Helps us more easily perform select cosmetic treatments

What Is Involved In Extracting a Tooth?

You will first arrive at our welcoming office for an initial consultation, which will involve x-rays and an exam from our skilled Dr. Barkhordar. Dr. Barkhordar will design a customized and expert extraction plan to ensure your tooth is removed quickly and painlessly. You will also choose your desired sedation option, which our qualified staff will administer and monitor throughout the procedure.

Once the tooth has been removed, self-dissolving stitches will be utilized in order to seal the site from bacteria and debris. We will also place gauze to stop residual bleeding, and you can return home with our detailed removal site care instructions.

Stop Suffering From Tooth Pain!

Don't keep waiting and hoping for the pain to go away, give us a call at (310) 626-0004 and we'll take care of your discomfort, fast!

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